5 Reasons People are Leaving Your Site

Does your website have high traffic but little follow through? Are you wondering why potential customers are not inquiring with you or making purchases? This Theory House guide highlights the most common issues causing low engagement for small businesses. If your visitors find themselves asking these questions while scrolling through your site, you may need to consider changing things up!



When new visitors find your website, it's important that they are engaged + have a seamless experience. Your site acts as a digital mirror of your business, educating others about your passion + work. When potential customers or clients struggle to read your messaging, they are quickly deterred from scrolling through to learn more about your business. Small text that is difficult to see can disrupt interest + quickly deteriorate leads; make sure that others are able to read your font as easily as you can.


When visitors on your website would like to sign up for your newsletter or make an inquiry, remember to keep your information requirements simple. Clients do not wish to spend time filling out numerous required fields or providing information that is too personal. The best sign up or inquiry forums ask for basic information like name, email, + interest. Refrain from asking for an address + phone number, if possible. Asking for too much personal information can discourage those who do not like spam. Instead, ask visitors how they found your site or learned about your business. As a result, you'll have greater clarity about which engagement methods are working for you + which aren't worth your time.


Imagine you're a potential client, looking online at a new business you've found. So far, you've been on the site for about 2 minutes. This may sound like a short time, but you're spending much longer to find what you need than what you're used to. Although the site is colorful + eye-catching, you're still having trouble figuring out what the company actually does. New visitors to your website should be able to immediately identify your business name, who you are, + what purpose you serve. On average, initial research happens in less than 30 seconds. If visitors remain confused, they will likely exit out of your site to find alternative services or products. By providing brief answers to these questions on your home page, your website will be memorable and functional. Likewise, your navigation bar should be self explanatory + easy to use, ensuring a friendly experience for all of your website visitors. 


I love waiting for this website to load- said no one ever! If your customers are spending more time waiting for your site to appear than actually viewing your content, that's a problem. Nearly half of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less, + they tend to abandon a site that isn’t fully loaded within 3 seconds. The culprit? Too many over-sized images on your site can cause issues. If your fancy video is not view-able, you may need to ditch the embedded version + include a Youtube upload instead. After all, your gorgeously designed site will not matter if no one can see it. To make sure that your website can be downloaded in less than 3 seconds, visit Pingdom for a free test. We suggest that you test the speed of your site after every major design change to make sure it has not compromised your view-ability. 


Say it with us! No one is going to sell yourself + your work like YOU! As people visit your site + click through your pages, it’s important that they’re consistently reading information about why your work matters + how it can benefit them. We advise our clients to work in valuable sales lines on each page of their website, creating a seamless + cohesive experience. As a result, visitors consistently read + take in the information you’re feeding them. Your work becomes branded as valuable.

Last but not least, de-clutter your site! Your reader's eye should be guided as he or she scrolls down. Highlight important messaging + keep your content friendly so that visitors can quickly understand who you are + what you do. Make sure the most important information about your business is in the forefront + not hidden.

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