Web Design Tips for a Strong Aesthetic

When building a website, it’s easy to become excited + over-design. Pulling out every design trick in the book doesn’t necessarily lead to a better website. Too many colors, graphics, patterns + competing fonts can ruin your online platform for visitors. The best digital designers know how to practice restraint, making a professionally built website invaluable for those looking for a professional result. A completed site should be sophisticated, clean + modern instead of cluttered + difficult to follow. Scroll down to read our top Theory House approved tips for a strong, online aesthetic.



Say it with us! White space is your friend! Too often, we see websites where it’s obvious that someone put a lot of work in, but the design is just too hectic + overwhelming for the eye. Novice web designers can be afraid of white space + think that every inch of space has to have something going on. But, that is not the case. Just as it’s important to use primary colors to highlight important information + messaging, it’s also crucial to use white space to offset it. We suggest picking one item as the focal point for each section of your site.


It’s okay to have a variety of fonts, but we don’t advise having more than 3. 2 of the fonts should be more simple in design, while the 3rd can be more free + artistic. We use a handwritten cursive to offset our traditional, main font. Different fonts have different vibes. Make sure the fonts you choose compliment your overall brand vision for your business.


When creating brands for clients, we choose 5 branding colors, 2-3 primary colors + supporting secondary colors. To learn more about how to pick branding colors + when to use them, read our exclusive post about branding colors.


The most professional websites present information in a friendly way that’s simple for any customer or client to understand. Including statements that are too lengthy can affect the aesthetic of your site. Opt for shorter phrases or teasers that engage visitors to click through. The design of your messaging should compliment your business’s branding. For example, if you’re a fun, pet supply company, your messaging should also be fun + entertaining.


Professional photography elevates a website and adds a level of professionalism. We encourage all of our clients to invest in quality imagery for their site, social media, + marketing materials. By doing so, their digital footprint reflects the quality of the services +/or products they provide. Photography is a necessary part of creating an overall brand look, drawing your ideal audience in to learn more about what you do.

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Amanda, Founder