5 Ways to Use Your Brand Photos Online

When it comes to our TH Brand Experience that includes custom branding, social media, + website design, we always recommend that clients invest in professional photography. Our brand shoots produce high-quality photos that can be used across multiple online platforms. But, the best part? One photoshoot can create up to 2 months of content! We share these same tips with our clients, + now I’m sharing them with you! Keep scrollin’ to find out how to use your brand photography to best promote your biz.



By incorporating professional photography on your website, it will elevate your look and attract high-quality clients + customers for your business. We like to incorporate photography on our sites through wide banners, fun carousels, blog posts, about page profiles, shop pages, + more!


Our favorite social media platforms are Instagram + Pinterest because of their emphasis on visual content. Both platforms allow you to post a mix of photography + graphics, making your feed the ultimate creative spot for others to shop or gain inspiration. We recommend spreading out photos from our professional brand shoots, intermixing them with flat lay photos, iPhone photos, + colorful graphics. As a result, your feed will look stylish + balanced!


This one isn’t as common but is definitely a best practice! A newsletter is a form of email marketing + a unique way to slide into your follower’s inbox to update them on your biz. Newsletters can provide education, news, + opportunities like discount codes + sales. By including visual components in your newsletter like brand photography, you can increase engagement + readership.

Pro tip!~ Schedule a professional brand/lifestyle shoot every 4-6 weeks for the best results.


We like to use a mix of video + photography content in our stories that tie in with our messaging. To create eye-catching stories with your brand photography, download a stories template app on your phone or have your designer create custom templates for your brand! Afterwards, you’ll be able to upload your photo of choice + enter in your text. With just a couple phone taps, you’ll have a gorgeous, brand specific story to share with your followers!


We offer custom email signatures for our TH Brand Experience clients that include a portrait style photo of them from our shoot, all of their contact information, their website, and a unique signature. We also link all of their social media accounts in their signatures, allowing email contacts to easily check them out + follow them on other platforms. By incorporating a photo in your email signature, contacts can see who they are writing. Suddenly, your messages become more personalized + approachable!


Did you find these tips helpful? Feel free to click the button below to send us a message, + let us know! We’d love to hear from you, girl!