I’m Amanda , the founder and head designer, behind Theory House, a full-service creative studio.

Fueled by copious amounts of coffee and lots of laughs, you can find my team and me dancing behind the scenes at photo shoots to get our clients to laugh and popping champagne with our favorite small businesses when their websites launch.

I formed Theory House to provide entrepreneurs with beautiful design, from start to finish. Our holistic approach guarantees consistency across all platforms, presenting a uniform look for your brand. As our client, you’ll have access to exclusive branding, photography, web and social media services.

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Book a free consultation with us, and ask us any questions you may have. We'll walk you through the process.
We create a custom package around your needs, whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your look.
We deliver and walk you through your finished product in time for you to celebrate. (Cue champagne pop!)
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